Twice in a Lifetime

As I’ve confessed before, I’m a bit of a wildflower junkie.  Last year (March 2016) I read an article about the once in a generation ‘superbloom’ in Death Valley. So […]

Big Trees

Big Basin, Big Trees

  The big trees can be hazardous… I spent so much time looking up instead of at the trail beneath my feet that I stumbled at least 15 times on the […]


Fields of Gold

    Well, actually, you have to work a bit before you get to the fields of gold. Before that, there’s a 7 mile washboard road that’s a field of […]


Best Views, No Bull

Soberness Fire Closings: Check each park website for the latest information on all county and state parks. Toro County Park, dammit. It took two, seven-mile hikes to get it right. The […]