Highway 1 ~ Big Sur State Parks Closings

First it was the fire, then the rain. Firefighters and mudslides. And now cracks in the Pfeiffer Bridge have finished the job.


Big Sur has taken a beating and as a result, many of the state parks I’ve written about here are closed.  CalTrans says that a new bridge wouldn’t be opened until at least September.

You might think “Well, I’ll just drive up from the south.”  Check the map: Nacamiento-Ferguson Road is closed too, and there’s mudslide repair all along Hwy 1.

Here are the parks I know are closed right now:

• Andrew Molera State Park

• Limekiln State Park

• Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

• Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

• Partington Cove Trail

Don’t despair if you’re visiting and really wanted to get a taste of this part of the California coast.  

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is open, as is the beach at Garrapata State Park. (the east side of Garrapata is still closed but is expected to open later this Spring)

Around the immediate Monterey area, there’s Garland Ranch, Fort Ord, Toro County Park and Jack’s Peak and the trails along the coast if you need an outdoor fix.

So, it will be quite a while until you can cruise down Hwy 1 to San Simeon, but there’s still plenty to see and do right in the neighborhood.